Rosters List

This is a list of premade characters, these are considered to have been members of the community all along. Despite being 'rosters' players will still be responsible for putting together a full application.

Unless otherwise stated, all PBs may be changed (but we'd prefer if you tried to maintain their diversity) and details of their profiles may be mildly altered according to your vision. To apply for one of these characters, please @mail Polly.

  • Please note that some characters are player-made and thus have more restriction or freedom. Peculiarities are included in the info, so be mindful of them.



He's a basketball star; when he's on the court, nothing can touch him, physically or mentally. All of his accomplishments seem like nothing in comparison to his older brother's feats and he's reminded of them on a daily basis, not only by the trophies and fading photos displayed in the lobby, but by his brother himself whom teaches in the school, all of his friends, love…but he's had enough of being second best.

Age/Grade: 16/Sophomore Clique: Populars PB: Lasse Pedersen

The one thing she wants more than anything is to be a Broadway star, but no one believes in her. Her family would rather she take over the family business, a local restaurant. She's highly competitive, not just on the stage, but in regards to everything. Even lunch turns into a contest for the best sandwich.

Age/Grade: 17/Junior Clique: Dramatics PB: Aimee Garcia

She's alright when it comes to cooking, academia, and the likes, but give her a needle, thread, and some nice fabrics and she'll have a fine lookin' dress for you by the end of the day. She's working on her portfolio, hoping to attract a little financial aid from the local university. Her parents are in the military and don't accept anything less than perfection in all areas of life. If they don't like it, then they won't tolerate it. This means that her hopes of becoming a fashion designer are rather secret when it comes to home. A hobby if you may.

Age/Grade: 17/Junior Clique: Dramatics PB: Open

He had a promising career in soccer, but after a car wreck last summer, Bryant found himself in a wheel chair looking for a new road to follow. He's still friends with Anthony Harel, who was driving at the time of the accident. Truth of the matter is they were /both/ drinking. While some of the student body still shun Anthony, Bryant can't seen to hate him. Still, Bryant struggles with his father's disappointment. He really thought he was gonna make it to the big leagues one day.

Age/Grade: 18/Senior Clique: Invisibles PB: Open




In his prime, Ruben was the schools star athlete and general golden boy. Of curse, when the spotlight faded after high school Ruben realized that he had neglected his life goals fo an athletic future that just wasn't the in cards. With mediocer grades and no college athletic offers coming in, he accepted a job at the local music store and worked his way up to manager. He doesn't quite have his life together, but the kids think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and that's a pretty sweet gig in his opinion.

Age/Occupation: 21/Store Manager Type: Local PB: Open
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