The youths of Lantern Hill are divided into a number of schools, each with public elementary, junior high, and high schools. Elementary and junior high schools are often found together in the same building, while neighborhoods sometimes share high schools. The city has 3 high schools.

The city makes every effort to ensure quality education for students, although there are some faculty concerns about larger class sizes. Families in the southern neighborhoods, like South Beach, are worried about the safety of their teens as they intermix with students from the less safe districts of East Bay. Police and school officials have programs in motion to keep their schools safe from guns and drugs and to limit the activities of gangs, but as anyone with teenagers can attest 'they find ways'.

A Note About Schools
You may notice that while each school has it's own distinct theme to it, much of the info (clubs, sports ad classes) are the same. This not so much laziness on the staffs part, but instead reflects the simplicity we are trying to achieve when it comes to things that can turn difficult and complex. Please respect that these are three distinctly different schools and RP it as such.

North Shore High School, South Beach

North Shore High School is a public high school in the northern corner of Lantern Hills South Beach community. Despite the city’s benefit from newly renovated facilities and top of the line technology the school still has many of the same problems plaguing all American high schools, such as drugs, violence, and legal issues. The school's faculty and staff work hard to ensure a quality level of education for their students, but often feel they are more often called upon to be social workers, counselors, and even parole officers. The majority of the student body is made up of kids who vary between working hard and wanting to have fun with their friends. Any problem kids just happen to be the ones that take up the most time. North Shore High has a successful athletics program and its football and Lacrosse games are well attended. They also boast a healthy competitive relationship with a local public school, Coast Union High and a somewhat unhealthy competitive relationship with private school, Mayfield Prep.
Playing A North Shore High Student
Playing a North Shore High Student put you at the heart of the game. NSH is located in South Beach, meaning tat most (though not all) students live within the closest neighborhoods to the school (South Beach, Little BoHo, Midtown and East Bay). It is expected that some that live in Kings Point make the drive. NSH is filled with students from the middle-class, with a few wealthy sprinkled in for flavor and a couple from the wrong side of the tracks for a little punch.
Principal : Keith Alexander Grades : 9-12 Enrollment : 2,207 Color(s) : Teal and Gray Mascot : Barracudas Uniform: None (Click Here)

Mayfield Preparatory Academy, Kings Point

Mayfield Prep is unarguably one of California's most a elite prep schools. Created over one hundred years ago, the school caters to the rich and famous, allowing their children to get the best possible education and etiquette training while keeping clear of the riffraff of the local communities.

Located in Kings Point, Lantern Hills most northern community, Mayfield sits on a large plot of land, its stone and ivy covered buildings providing one of the more pleasing sights located in the area. The school grounds are surrounded by stone walls.

The students of Mayfield attend classes in their own little insulated community, seldom intermixing with the locals. Despite this weekends are another story, and the preppy privet school students are often seen Friday through Sunday on the city streets as they enjoy shopping, beaches and of course, the Zodiac.
Playing A Mayfield Prep Student
Playing a Mayfield Prep student generally means you are playing a snob. Not all are snobs, but most are. Mayfield does not take scholarship students and with a tuition that rivals most universities, only the richest and most elite go to school here. The school also has a strict dress code and a fierce (read unhealthy) rivalry with NSH.
Headmistress: Nichole Ashley Grades : 9-12 Enrollment : 1,402 Color(s) : Blue, Yellow & White Mascot : Phoenix Uniform: Yes(Click Here)

Coast Union High School, Paradise Cove

Though mus smaller than it's sister schools North Shore High and Mayfield Prep, Coast Union High functions more like a rural school than an inner city institution. Classes are smaller and more intimate and classmates rarely meet someone at school that they do not know at least by first name. Rather than graduating classes of 300, classes seldom reach numbers higher than fifty. Still, even with such a small school population CUH has a fierce football team who have drummed up healthy rivalries with many of the surrounding schools.
Playing A Coast Union High Student
Coast Union High is a school set slightly to the east of everything exciting that happens. Paradise Cove is a solid fifteen minute drive into the city but really, when you're bored, is that really that bad? Still most locals to Paradise Cove send their children to CUH instead of the inner city schools. It's closer and the likelihood of school shootings are much, much lower. Also CUH has an academic standard of excellence that is met every year with high test scores and an alarmingly high student-to-college percentage. The students of CUH do not have as fierce as rivalry with either school, but their football team has been known to be one to be feared. It is also said that the parties had in Paradise Cove are much better, since those students have access to rural areas outside of the prying eyes of parents and police.
Principal : Nolan Bryant Grades : 9-12 Enrollment : 782 Color(s) : Maroon and Gold Mascot : Mustangs Uniform: None (Click Here)
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