The City of Lantern Hill is an ocean-side community that overlooks the beautiful Monterey Bay on the Central Coast of California, approximately 125 miles south of San Francisco.

Founded in 1887 and incorporated in 1954, this ten square-mile city continues to grow while holding on to the rich values upon which it was established. Young families and retirees are drawn to the community, providing a healthy residential mix of people and solid sense of community.

Lantern Hill’s convenient location gives residents and visitors an opportunity to experience all of the amenities that the Monterey Peninsula has to offer…from wine tasting to whale watching….and everything in between. Explore the breathtaking beauty and abundant sea life of the Monterey Bay by kayaking, sailing, scuba diving and para-sailing. For land lovers, there’s world-class golf at the immaculate local course, eclectic restaurants and abundant shopping…or if you prefer, just take a stroll down to the pristine beaches and wiggle your toes in the sand.

While the foundation of the Lantern Hill business community is made up of small family-owned establishments, national retailers and restaurant groups also call Lantern Hill home.

Monterey Bay University is located in the City of Lantern Hill, providing students of all ages a scenic environment to pursue their educational goals. This institution is part of a world-class educational community on the Monterey Peninsula that includes the Naval Postgraduate School, the Defense Language Institute, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies. The multitude of opportunities for higher learning create a strong economic base for the community, much-needed services for retired military, and attract a contingent of people from throughout the world. The city also rests just outside of Fort Kesler, one of the state’s largest and most active military bases.

With plenty to do outdoors, educational opportunities, convenient shopping, eclectic dining, welcoming accommodations and outstanding views of the Monterey Bay, it’s easy to see why almost 199,311 residents choose to call Lantern Hill home.

The City Of Lantern Hill
Country United States
State California
County Monterey
Mayor Alfred Harrington
Total 120.8 sq mi
Land 105.4 sq mi
Water 15.4 sq mi
Elevation 33 ft
Population (2010)
Total 199,311
Density 1,891/sq mi

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South Beach


South Beach is lined with shopping, beaches and piers that handle the bulk of the cities tourist trade. South Beach is considerably cleaner and more prosperous than many may expect from an area so thick with trinket shops and recreational businesses (such as skate-parks and go-cart courses). In fact South Beach is a source of considerable civic pride to most locals.

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West Bay


West Bay stretches along a stretch of natural beach that is less sandy and smooth and more rocky and neglected. For this reason, the city opted to invest in creating a neighborhood suited to dockyards and storage rather than shops and restaurants. Despite its close proximity to South Beach, West Bay is less pristine and welcoming than it's sister neighborhood. Though there appears to be some police presence here, there is far less concern with potholes and architectural upkeep.

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Little BoHo


East of South Beach is the bohemian, Old World charm of Little BoHo (properly inspired by NYC's SoHo). The area features several small parks, tree-lined streets, and brickwork buildings. The neighborhood is popular with young people, particularly students and artists, for its relatively low rents and loft apartments. Little BoHo is becoming pricier, but not as quickly as parts of Midtown or the northern suburbs.

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The central area of Lantern Hill is called Midtown. Among other things, it is the largest city area and features the Empire tower, the cities most preferred high-rise apartment building as well as several of the cities most respected business headquarters. Midtown is also home to shopping with the massive Grand Central Mall and numerous other stores. There are a number of fast-food restaurants as well as more upscale establishments, small bistros and the restaurants of the fine hotels in the area. One of the most popular eateries in Midtown is the original sandwich franchise 'The Dill'.

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Kings Point


Located in the northern most stretch of Lantern Hill, Kings Point community is a posh district of expensive homes and historic mansions owned by some of Lantern Hills wealthiest families. Kings Point features the exclusive Sunset Tides Country Club, and though there is no direct water access in Kings Point, many of the residents are avid sailors and yacht enthusiasts.

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East Bay


Originally a rather low-lying area, East Bay was filled in years ago to allow for the expansion of the city and to eliminate the disease of limited housing. Now a new sort of disease is infecting East Bay. The area becomes progressively more low rent with each block away from the heart of Lantern Hill. East Bay is home to sleazy adult bookstores, a large number of waterfront bars, and relatively cheap housing. Unfortunately, East Bay sees a fair amount of crime, particularly from gangs, and organized crime retains a stronghold here. LHPD has undertaken increased vigilance in the area and the city is doing what it can to “clean up” East Bay.

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Paradise Cove


not exactly a neighborhood, Paradise Cove is almost it's very own town tucked into the farthest northwestern corner of Lantern Hills. It has it's own school, as well as a long list of natural attractions that draw tourists from all over the country. The mass majority of the businesses in paradise Cove are small Mom and pop or directed to locals, making this a seasonal based economy. Most people know that if you want to enjoy all the splendor that the coast has to offer, Paradise Cove is the place to visit.

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