South Beach

South Beach is lined with shopping, beaches and piers that handle the bulk of the cities tourist trade. South Beach is considerably cleaner and more prosperous than many may expect from an area so thick with trinket shops and recreational businesses (such as skate-parks and go-cart courses). In fact South Beach is a source of considerable civic pride to most locals.

The area features several fine seafood restaurants as well as the Joan Clark Aquarium, a modern tourist attraction and research facility. The South Beach Pier is one of the cities most popular shopping centers, with a number of local stores, restaurants and boardwalk vendors, all with a seaside view.

Despite the cities efforts in keeping the area clean and well patrolled criminal elements are often attracted to places like the shipyards, more specifically the shipyard located to the west of South Beach in West Bay. The police department has expressed some concern over crime from the eastern neighborhoods working its way into the west, and keeps a close watch on shipments passing through.

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West Bay

West Bay stretches along a stretch of natural beach that is less sandy and smooth and more rocky and neglected. For this reason, the city opted to invest in creating a neighborhood suited to dockyards and storage rather than shops and restaurants. Despite its close proximity to South Beach, West Bay is less prestine and welcoming than it's sister neighborhood. Though there appears to be some police presence here, there is far less concern with potholes and architectural upkeep.

In the recent years the police department has expressed some concern over crime from the eastern neighborhoods working its way into the neighborhood, and keeps a close watch on shipments moving in and out of the shipyard.

Places of Interest

Little BoHo

East of South Beach is the bohemian, Old World charm of Little BoHo (properly inspired by NYC's SoHo). The area features several small parks, tree-lined streets, and brickwork buildings. The neighborhood is popular with young people, particularly students and artists, for its relatively low rents and loft apartments. Little BoHo is becoming pricier, but not as quickly as parts of Midtown or the northern suburbs.

The rest of the neighborhood features small shops and restaurants, often catering to the avant-garde. There are vegetarian restaurants and bistros, craft boutiques, pagan, New Age, and gay and lesbian bookshops, comic book stores, game stores, and so forth.

A very popular location in Little BoHo is Fresco Alley, which is closed to all but foot traffic (and the ever-present skateboarders), making it a popular place for afternoon strolls and shopping. In the evening, Little BoHo offers a number of bars, coffeehouses, and nightclubs, many with open-mike nights showcasing local talent.

Carousel Park is yet another popular location and home one of Lantern Hill’s most popular attractions, an old carousel that has been completely restored to its original glory. This park is the number one spot for playgrounds and birthday parties, and enjoys a heavy patrol by local police officers who are determined to keep it safe.

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The central area of Lantern Hill is called Midtown. Among other things, it is the largest city area and features the Empire tower, the cities most preferred high-rise apartment building as well as several of the cities most respected business headquarters.

Midtown is also home to shopping with the massive Grand Central Mall and numerous other stores. There are a number of fast-food restaurants as well as more upscale establishments, small bistros and the restaurants of the fine hotels in the area. One of the most popular eateries in Midtown is the original sandwich franchise 'The Dill'.

On the spiritual side, Midtown has a number of churches, including St. George’s Cathedral.

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Kings Point

Located in the northern most stretch of Lantern Hill, Kings Point community is a posh district of expensive homes and historic mansions owned by some of Lantern Hills wealthiest families. Kings Point features the exclusive Sunset Tides Country Club, and though there is no direct water access in Kings Point, many of the residents are avid sailors and yacht enthusiasts.

Playing into the rich and expensive taste of the locals that call this neighborhood home the businesses and restaurants here are far more upscale than anywhere else in Lantern Hills.

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East Bay

Originally a rather low-lying area, East Bay was filled in years ago to allow for the expansion of the city and to eliminate the disease of limited housing. Now a new sort of disease is infecting East Bay. The area becomes progressively more low rent with each block away from the heart of Lantern Hill. East Bay is home to sleazy adult bookstores, a large number of waterfront bars, and relatively cheap housing. Unfortunately, East Bay sees a fair amount of crime, particularly from gangs, and organized crime retains a stronghold here. LHPD has undertaken increased vigilance in the area and the city is doing what it can to “clean up” East Bay.

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