South Beach

South Beach is lined with shopping, beaches and piers that handle the bulk of the cities tourist trade. South Beach is considerably cleaner and more prosperous than many may expect from an area so thick with trinket shops and recreational businesses (such as skate-parks and go-cart courses). In fact South Beach is a source of considerable civic pride to most locals.

The area features several fine seafood restaurants as well as the Joan Clark Aquarium, a modern tourist attraction and research facility. The South Beach Pier is one of the cities most popular shopping centers, with a number of local stores, restaurants and boardwalk vendors, all with a seaside view.

Despite the cities efforts in keeping the area clean and well patrolled criminal elements are often attracted to places like the shipyards, more specifically the shipyard located to the west of South Beach in West Bay. The police department has expressed some concern over crime from the eastern neighborhoods working its way into the west, and keeps a close watch on shipments passing through.

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