Teenage Application

Step 1: Who Are You?

First, nearly all characters are students admitted to Saint Christopher High, are high school characters, but there are a few details that make your character distinct from the rest.

  • Full-Name <First> <Middle> <Last>
  • Age: Characters must be between 14 and 18. (only NPCs may app older)
  • DoB: Date of Birth - <Month>, <Day> (Year will be filled in by the code)
  • PoB: Place of Birth - <Town>, <State>
  • School: Select one North Shore High School or Mayfield Preparatory Academy
  • Grade: School Grade - Freshman (9), Sophomore (10), Junior (11) or Senior (12)
    • Some people may want to app someone who has dropped out. We wont say no to this, but those who have quit school should be sure they are dedicated to the concept. IC actions can be taken to obtain their GED, but not at the local High School. Drop-outs can not linger around the school during school hours.
  • Played-By: A Played-By is used to represent the physical appearance of your character in the IC world. Click HERE to see all taken PBs.

Personal Information

  • Family: Provide a small blurb on your characters family and their life together.
    • There re a few 'Iconic Families' in the city. These families have either established themselves through community works, through local influence, or through nothing more than simply having a lot of money and having been in the town since its founding. These families can be located HERE

  • Background: The city draws many families from many walks of life. Thanks to a rich history, beachfront beauty, its access to larger cities and a local military base, families from all over the country, and in some cases the world, find their way here.
    • You need to determine where it is that your character comes from and how they got there. Maybe your character grew up in Lantern Hills, or maybe they moved in when their parent was transferred from another base. Maybe they are a foreign exchange student eager to dive into their American experience. Whatever your flavor, work it out in this step.

  • Known For: When Did You Gain Your Rep? You weren't always who you are now. Everyone at some point in their life has managed to make themselves more 'known' be it a good experience or a bad one. Maybe you were the first student at the school to win a national level art competition? Maybe you competed in the junior Olympics in swimming? Maybe you threw up on Mrs. Atkin's shoes that one time when you were dissecting that frog? Regardless of what made you known, everyone has been known at some point or another, even if their renown faded just as quickly as it came.
    • You need to determine what moment you became 'known' and just what that moment was. Define it! This will be used by other players to get a feel for your character and the most impacting social memory of them.

  • Description: What Do You Look Like? This doesn't have to be a novel, but its always useful to know what your character loos like. Fill in your description in this section. cover things like hair, skin, and eye color, as well as build and height. If your character has any noticeable scars or marks add them here! You can also include things like clothing style, but avoid putting things in that tell others how to feel.
    • Don't tell the reader that they think your character is beautiful, there are characteristics for that (and of course this is always a matter of personal opinion). The same goes for descs that tell the read that they are intimidated. Leave this up to RP, reputation and Characteristics.

Step 2: Below The Skin

There's more to your character than a name, and age, and a clique. There are talents, skills, flaws and weaknesses that make them a real person. This is where we ask you to loosely define them in these manners. You will have to define the following character elements. Unless marked as Optional, these things are required.

  • About: Write a small character summary. This section must be 200 words minimum.
  • Skills (Strengths): Does your character have any skills or talents that they excel at or deeply enjoy? Provide an explanation for each. Click HERE for a list to pick from.
  • Skills (Weaknesses): Does your character have any skills that they struggle with? Provide an explanation for each. Click HERE for a list to pick from.
  • Fears: Give 1 thing that your character is afraid of. Provide an explanation.
  • Quirk or Secret: Does your character have a secret? This section must be 100 words minimum. (Optional)
  • Other: Are there any other details you wish to disclose? Medical problems or hook information not covered elsewhere? Use this section for it. Each item should be well explained.

And You’re Ready!

Your character is done! You will be asked to name any alts you may have approved.

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