Kaicee Kane

Full-Name: Kaicee Kane
Age: 17
DoB: June 8
PoB: Lantern Hill, CA
School: North Shore High School
Grade: Transitional
Played-By: Phoebe Tonkin
Personal Information
Family: Karl Kane, Mother Cecilia (CiCi Kane) deceased,
Known For: Kaicee or KC Kane sometimes has a volatile temper. Four years ago, when she was 13, her mother died in a traffic accident on the interstate when the Mustang she was driving crossed the center line and hit a semi-truck head on. Her father owns the local mechanic's shop, Kane's Kustoms and Auto Repair and Kaicee is known to work there part time. She's been in trouble with the law before, but it's questionable what for. She doesn't tell. She's good at mechanics and computers. She's dating Kelly Black and they have a daughter named Kelsey.
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Background: Kaicee was born to Karl and Ci Ci Kane sixteen years ago in this very town. Her father is a mechanic and owns his own shop, Kane's Kustomz and Auto Repair, her mother was a society princess, Ci Ci Anderson-Kane. She married just out of high school, the bad boy, defying her parents. Only when she realized mechanics weren't the bread and butter of society and wanted to get out did she find out she was pregnant with Kaicee. And so she stayed, had their daughter and settled into a life she didn't want. No high society parties, no debutante balls, no high fashion shopping sprees. She resented Kaicee. Karl on the other hand, doted on her, took her to work with him all he could, bathed her in attention and taught her his trade from a young age, even took her out shooting his handgun every now and again when she was old enough. As she got older, she noticed her mother was different than others. She avoided the PTA meetings, the school parties and that she was always drinking. Finally, when she was 13, her mother killed herself by crashing her vehicle head on with a semi-truck out on the interstate. Her father told her it was an accident, the law had deemed it an unfortunate accident, but something she held back, had never shown anyone, was the suicide note she had found at home before her father had come home. She still keeps it. She's sixteen now and works part time in her father's shop. She was caught in a stolen car a year ago and had to do community service at the police station on the grounds and inside. She'd pretended it was a part time job at the time. Now she just refuses to talk about anything to do with her mother, she never sees her grand parents on her mothers side and she's carrying that chip around. She goes to school and she works and she gets into trouble. She smokes, she cusses, she drinks. She does anything she can to dull the pain.

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