The Hub Help

The Hub Help

Adding A Profile Picture

To set your profile picture simply upload an image named the name of your character (first letter capitalized) to your page.

Changing Your Cover Photo

To set or change your cover photo simply upload an image to your hub page named 'cover.jpg' (or rename a current image).

Change The Color Of Your 'Cover Message'

Tp change the color of the text that appears centered on your 'cover', simply insert the hex color code you like in the slot provided on the 'edit' function of your page. you can find Hex Codes HERE

About Page Titles

For simplicity sake (constancy and to make sure everything works as it should) the title of your hub page should match your character name just like your character page does. However you can adjust the name that is displayed in the cover section of your hub page by entering it in section 2 of the template (example: First Last).

Include Icon in 'Followers'

To include someones (or your own) icon in the Followers section of a page enter the below on it's own line, replacing 'Name' with your character name.

[[f<image<name>-hub.jpg width="100px"]]

Include 'Posted By' On Your Comments And Posts

To use the spunky little template just copy/paste the below template into the 'Comment Box' and fill it out.

Text Goes Here
Posted By: [[image<Name>-hub.jpg width="80px"]]
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